Auctioneer Accreditation

Our comprehensive, carefully crafted curriculum covers all the essentials you need to thrive in the auction sector. From understanding legislation calling auctions to managing trust account transactions. we ensure you gain a solid foundation for a sustainable long-term career in the sector. 

Units you will study


Undertake pre-auction processes

This unit outlines the competencies and knowledge necessary for conducting pre-auction procedures.

It involves devising an auction strategy, communicating with the vendor or sales agent, and verifying contract details and property information.


Conduct and complete sale by auction

This unit outlines the competencies and knowledge necessary for overseeing property auctions.

It involves obtaining, understanding, and implementing written instructions for the auction, conducting the auction, and managing the entire process, including handling situations when a property is sold or passed in.


Complete post-auction process and contract execution

This unit outlines the competencies and knowledge necessary for finalizing post-auction procedures and executing contracts.

It involves identifying the successful bidder, verifying their legal status, finalizing contract details, ensuring all necessary signatures are obtained, and maintaining thorough records of the auction.

Program Fees and Timeframe







24/7 Access to your online learning platform 



Fortnightly Friday support workshops (10am-12pm) 



12 Months mentor program 



3 day Face to face workshop 



Student Portal

Assessment delivery, trainer feedback and marking are completed online within your dedicated student portal. Your portal is also your direct line of communication with your trainer or our support team.

Program timeframe

The time it takes to complete the program can vary depending on several factors, including prior study, availability, and work commitments.  

Typically, students can finish this training program in approximately 7 days.

At Archer Institute, all training programs follow a continuous admission process, and students have up to two years to successfully complete the program.


Put your knowledge into practice with real-world scenarios and hands-on exercises. Our training programs go beyond theory, ensuring you are well-prepared for the day-to-day realities of working in real estate. 

Benefit from the wealth of knowledge and practical insights offered by industry experts with extensive real-world experience. Our trainers and assessors are equipped to impart valuable hands-on knowledge, ensuring you're well-prepared for the dynamic landscape of the real estate field. Gain insights from trainers actively engaged in the sector, providing you with relevant and up-to-date expertise.
You must have a current licence to work as an auctioneer of real property. To get a licence, you will need to submit an Application for an individual's licence. 

Queensland Office of Fair Trading is the state licensing regulator for property agents QLD. Under the legislation it is a legal requirement that you study as a minimum the prescribed units. There is eligibility requirements set by the licensing regulator and we recommend all prospective students read this
link to QLD Office of Fair Trading’s guidelines prior to enrolment with us.  

This training program doesn’t have specific educational entry requirements however to be eligible to become a Registered Real Estate Salesperson or Agent there are restrictions of eligibility as follows:
  • be 18 or older 
  • pass the required training programs. 
Archer Institute delivers the educational requirements only and does not guarantee or have any control over any states licensing authority granting any prospective student registration.  
To enrol you will need to complete an LLND (Language Literacy Numeracy and Digital Literacy) activity prior to commencing the program. This is to ensure you have the adequate skills and knowledge to progress through your training program and that we can also support you should it be identified you have an LLND area of concern.

You will also need to provide a USI (Unique Student Identifier). The USI is a unique code assigned to you that consolidates your training records into a single online record. It's mandatory for those undertaking vocational education and training (VET) in Australia. If you need to register for a USI, you can do so here.
Help request tickets: Communicate with your trainer using our help request ticket accessed through our student portal.  
Support workshops:
We offer fortnightly online support sessions. These sessions are delivered on a drop in basis and attendance is voluntary   
Phone support:
You can call during business hours and speak directly to a trainer.