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XDMS, named originally as a “Crystallography Data Management System” is a domain-independent web-based data and metadata management system. It facilitates the ingestion and storage of data on an SRB.

Two kinds of metadata about that data are managed in a database called ICAT. First, ICAT implements the CCLRC Scientific Metadata Model 2 to store general information about projects, experiments, datasets etc. Secondly, it stores customisable domain-specific metadata, edited through the bundled metadata editor MDE.



XDMS is a web application that runs on an application server such as Tomcat, allowing users to manage sets of data stored on an SRB (Storage Resource Broker). The web-based front end (.jsp files), and the Java servlet back end (.jar files) are packaged in a single .war file, which is deployed to the application server.

The tested XDMS configuration.


XDMS was developed by Monash ITS for the ARCHER project, with assistance from the Protein Crystallography Unit. The source code is released under the GPL open source license, and is available at Google Code.

Further development is taking place at the Monash e-Research Centre.

You can download XDMS and its documentation from the Downloads page.