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Toolset Components:

Software Testing

Production Quality software

The initial version of the ARCHER Toolset (ARCHER V 1.0) has been subjected to independent  installation, operational and functional testing by a professional software test company chosen through tender process. Due to instrument constaints DIMSIM has not be subject to testing outside the development process.

Three rounds of testing were applied and have resulted in a list of defects for ARCHER Toolset v1.0

It should be noted that a substantial number of these defects have been addressed in the later versions of the toolset, released via the developing institutions. Consult the downloads  page for links to later versions of the toolset.

Testing was conducted during July to September 2008 by ASTG Pty. Ltd. (Melbourne, Australia)

Contact for ASTG P/L is Sophie Hiotis, CEO,  sophiehiotis at yahoo dot com dot au