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Toolset Components:



CIMA, the Common Instrument Middleware Architecture, is a plugin-based architecture to facilitate the connection of different kinds of scientific instruments. “Producer” plugins retrieve data parcels which are served over a network to “consumer” plugins.


DIMSIM is a pair of plugins for CIMA, designed to work with the Rigaku crystallography spectrometer:

  • the DIMSIM “producer” reads files in CrystalClear 1.3 format from a directory, sending them across a network
  • the DIMSIM “consumer” receives these parcels and writes them to an SRB.


Use of CIMA with other instruments would require development of a specific plugin. See the “Developing for CIMA” section.


A test harness is included with DIMSIM to facilitate testing and developing. It produces mock CrystalClear files which DIMSIM detects and processes.


CIMA/DIMSIM Deployment Diagram


CIMA was originally developed at the University of Indiana. It was then extended and ported to Java by the JCU e-Research Centre for ARCHER, in collaboration with the University of Sydney and the University of Adelaide.

For further information about CIMA and DIMSIM, see: