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Toolset Components:


The ARCHER Tools were developed by dedicated teams within the 3 partner universities of the ARCHER Project.

The ARCHER Project has fulfilled its commitment to develop production ready open source tools which provide a platform for more customisation and further development by others within the eResearch community. The project and development by ARCHER is thus complete as of October 2008 and the resulting development is released as ARCHER Toolset v1.0

The ARCHER Toolset development drew upon use cases identified during and extended business analysis.  The table of use cases relating to ARCHER Toolset v1.0 is here


Future Development

The completion of the initial development of  ARCHER Toolset components continues post ARCHER within the eResearch community of the ARCHER partner universities and potentially the wider eResearch community.  Consult the downloads page for links to later versions of the toolset and links to developers.