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Toolset Components:

eResearch Toolset Overview

Software development within the ARCHER Project has completed with release of Version 1.0 of the ARCHER Toolset to the community as open source software under GPLv3 license.

Development of most of the ARCHER Toolset components continues within the eResearch community to customise the tools to suit the needs of a variety of Research areas.

To understand the how the tools fit together, and deployment possibilities, consult:

ARCHER Toolset components

  • XDMS  -  enables exploration of the storage facility, deposition of data by project, addition of metadata to data and data sets and export to external research repositories.
  • ARCHER Collaborative Workspace  -  provides an authenticated portal and document repository for discussion, comment and pre-publication collaboration between researchers, including access to the repository of eResearch data.
  • ARCHER Data Services    - enables SRB storage and supports management of large data sets enriched with metadata.
  • HERMES  -  enables client desktop management of the transport of large data files and datasets to an eresearch repository.
  • DIMSIM & CIMA - Distributed Integrated Multi-Sensor & Instrument Middleware is a plugin for Common Instrument Middleware Architecture allowing for concurrent data capture and analysis directly from scientific measurment and analysis instruments.


Dependencies between ARCHER components.