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ARCHER Project

Australian ResearCH Enabling enviRonment

Using funding from DEST (now DIISR), this Australian higher education initiative has developed 'production-ready' software tools, operating in a secure environment, to assist researchers to:

  • collect, capture and retain large data sets from a range of different sources including scientific instruments
  • deposit data files and data sets to eResearch storage repositories
  • populate these eResearch data repositories with associated metadata
  • permit data set annotation and discussion in a collaborative environment, and
  • support next-generation methods for research publication, dissemination and access.
The ARCHER Project successfully completed in October 2008.

ARCHER Toolset

The ARCHER eResearch software tools are open source, licensed under the GPL v3.


ARCHER was funded by the Australian Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) via the Research Information Infrastructure Framework for Australian Higher Education.
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