Instruction to install desktop shibboleth with cardspace:



1) Install digitalme on your computer

2) Get a certificate for your computer, you can go to and get a credential there.

3) Since we are using  our CA with self-signed certificate, we need to add the following certificates as trusted to digitalme:

+ Your own computer certificate 

+ certificate ( mersey_cert.pem

To add these certificates as trusted to digitalme, append the content of mersey cert and your computer cert into the CA bundle of digitalme. This bunlde  is often in


for linux computer.



4) Go to to get an Archer card, leave the firs and third textbox untouch and enter your

Your OpenIDP Level2 Login Name in the second textbox. You are now downloading an Archer card.


5) Import the new Archer Cardspace card into digitame



1) checkout

2) Generate a keystore for the relying party ,you can use the KeyStoreInstall in test/ package to generate one instead of using the command line.

3) Set those values generated previously into the


4) Run ServletEngine in src/ and then test/, you should see digitalme pop up, use the Archer card  to login, you would see a certificate is pulled back.