Interface Summary
ExtendedData This interface allows access to the extended data on objects (XML documents).
ICAT The general interface into the ICAT, implemented by various DB and service oriented classes.
ICATLocationListener Provides a means of specifying actions to perform as various changes occur to location fields in the ICAT.
ICATSecurityManager The interface the ICAT hibernate object uses to apply access controls to transactions.
ICATTraversal This interface represents all the hierarchy traversal operations of the icat, such as getting parents and children.
SearchService SearchService.

Class Summary
AbstractICATClient The AbstractICATClient implementes some common methods, such as normalisaion of locations, as well as high level getters.
ClientLocationPair Contains a pairing of a location identifying a storage resource and a client which is configured to access the resource.

Exception Summary
ICATServiceException ICATService exception is the base exception thrown by all ICAT related calls.

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