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  • School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (SEES)
  • Queensland Facility for Advance BioInformatics (QFAB)
  • Australian Research Collaborative Service (ARCS)
    Various clients within ARCS and is core product
  • CSIRO - Geoscience in WA, Rob Woodcock's Group

2. Improved SRB Components

  • Queensland Facility for Advance BioInformatics (QFAB)
  • Monash University
  • Pieces have gone back to the SRB group at SDSC.

3. PLONE - Collaborative Workspaces

  • ARCHER development
  • ANDS (Australian National Data Service)
  • NeAT (National eResearch Architecture Taskforce)
  • Gugu Badhun
  • XTAL (Crystallography)
  • QFAB (Queensland Facility for Advanced Bioinformatics)
  • Australian Koala Research Centre
  • MGM (Minerals Geoscience Masters program - Minerals Tertiary Education Council)

Internal JCU

  • e-GRS (Graduate Research School)
  • Plone Help (for JCU)
  • MGM (Minerals and Geoscience Masters program)
  • MPIT (School of Maths, Physics and IT)
  • IT&R (Information Technology and Resources)
  • HPC (High Performance Computing)
  • SEES (School of Earth and Environmental Science)
  • eResearch Centre
  • SEES SGA2009 (conference)
  • Economic Geology Research Unit (EGRU - part of SEES, separate portal)
  • ReefGrid (JCU eResearch and AIMS)
  • RV James Kirby (Research Vessel that belongs to SEES)


  • Currently in trial in Ashley Buckles Lab at Monash
  • Test instance running at the IMB UQ
  • USyd running the core co-developed Common Instrument Middleware Architecture (CIMA), the engine.