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Accessibility Tips

Accessibility Statement

The ARCHER site has been developed with the aim of being accessible to a wide range of users and user agents, and is likely to be compliant with WCAG level A requirements.

Access Keys

"Access keys" provide keyboard shortcuts for important navigation options. The following access keys are used within the ARCHER site:

  • Alt 0 provides a shortcut to the ARCHER home page
  • Alt 1 provides a shortcut to the search facility
  • Alt 2 provides a shortcut to the site map
  • Alt 3 provides a shortcut to the skip link

If your browser supports them, you can use the access keys by holding the alt key (Mac users: control key) as you press the relevant number key. Not all browsers support access keys, and some (such as Internet Explorer) may require you to press enter to follow the link.

Cascading Style Sheets

The ARCHER site relies on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for visual presentation. Users who disable or override CSS presentation will still have access to all site content. Relative sizes have been used where possible, including font sizes. Some presentational elements use absolute values.