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Project ARCHER Overview

The ARCHER project of dedicated development teams within each partner University have built upon the prototype software developed by the DART ( and ARROW ( projects to produce a robust set of software tools which:

  • may be customised to suit the needs of diverse research areas
  • automate the collection and management of instrument generated data
  • enable the repository storage of research data and associated metadata
  • enable collection and tagging of research data in a collaborative environment, and
  • provide these capabilities in a secure end-to-end process.

ARCHER partner universities

The ARCHER partner institutions were:

Monash University (Lead Institution) and home of the ARCHER Office, James Cook University (JCU) and University of Queensland (UQ).

The ARCHER Office co-ordinated the project overall,with each university hosting a local development team.Several research groups acted as 'clients' to all the development teamsand were assisted by business analysts tospecify and refine the use cases, the drivers of software development.

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